I was born and raised right here in Huskerland. My parents still live in my childhood home which started all this love of flowers. I come from a family of 7, so to say my Mom was busy is an understatement. Though I remember the obsession starting with inside plants, Mom soon took to the outdoors to continue her love of growing things. First babies then plants. We used to have a massive fuchsia rose bush that we would pull blooms from, tossing petals in the air during our make believe wedding days, the dirt became mud pies; and her garden grew into a magical place for all living things including my own wedding.
In high school, I remember sitting down to figure out what I should do with my life, and I came up with “wedding something”. College years started and while school was not “my thing” I needed health insurance for upcoming surgeries. So at Southeast Community College, I filled my schedule with every flower class I could take; an easy A I thought. I
was hooked. Kevin Smith, AIFD was my boisterous floral teacher and still is a mentor to me. He set me on this path of floristry and I will forever be grateful. Once I took some classes, my cousin asked me to do her wedding flowers (they just celebrated 16 years), then her sister, then her friend and soon it was strangers asking. Once the strangers kept coming, I knew I had something and I Bloom. was born. We did 7 weddings that first year and over 100 in 2017. With a renewed sense of self-identity, a focused business path, a finished studio space in my basement, and a crew of seasoned team members; to say we are excited about 2018 is an understatement!